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Reviewed by: Steven

Haunted is an anthology of scary stories for kids by author Heather Beck. It’s the first book in The Horror Diaries series. All the stories in this anthology have a ghost theme. In “Ghost Park”, creepy ghost children haunt a girl who discovers their secret playground. My favorite part of this story was the creepy ghost children who seemed to come alive from the pages, and how the author keeps building suspense until the very end. “A Haunting Past” features a school trip gone bad when a vengeful ghost rises from the dead to cause terror among the students. This story has a ton of adventure and a really powerful back story. I had a lot of fun reading this one. “The Manor On The Rocks” is a haunted house story with a twist – it’s not just the house that is haunted! Like “Ghost Park”, this story builds up suspense until the very last moment. It’s a creepy mystery with a surprise ending. “A Medieval Nightmare” is about two friends who get lost in a medieval museum that comes to life. This story has a ton of action and is very creative. I had a blast reading it. In the last story, “A Watery Grave”, a ghost tries to steal a body of a camper so it can become human again. This fast-moving story is very scary and creative. The suspense builds up to a surprise ending. Haunted is a five-star book because it’s filled with surprises, suspense and scares. I have never read anything like it before and I think The Horror Diaries is going to be a hit.    

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Date Reviewed: 6/26/2012