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Full Metal Alchemist vol. 4

Reviewed by: woanling

After Edward Elric venture to the so called "disused" labatory 5 seeing a transmutation circle stained with the blood of the victims: the prisoners marked for execution. Caught by a hollow suit of armor, named Slicer, and with no way out of a bloody fight. Meanwhile, Alphose, Ed's brother, was fighting another foe, named Barry the Chopper, outside those two were both suits of armor. He twisted his mind and said that Al was nothing but an artificial mind and a 14 year old boy named Alphonse Elric never existed. all made up by his "so-called brother" Ed's fight was finally over. slicer was about to tell him some information regarding the legendary all-mighty philosophers' stone but someone had gotten him and stabbed the blood rune. the vital spot: the blood rune. When Ed was just about to attack, his auto-mail broke down. Second Lieutenant Ross and lieutenant Brosh jumped in and saved Al just before a loud boom came from the building and it collapsed... (Don't want to give the ending away...hehe)    

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Date Reviewed: 6/28/2012