Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Things have been difficult for Nora Grey ever since her father was murdered and her mother had to take a high-stress job just to make ends meet, but she is handling things pretty well, all things considered.

Then she meets the enigmatic  bad-boy Patch, and her life begins to take a more sinister turn. Nora starts to feel like she is being followed. Then her best friend, Vee, is attacked. Strange occurrences make Nora doubt her sanity, and she is not sure who she can trust. Is Patch to root of the evil that has come into her life? Nora can’t help but be afraid of the dangerously charismatic Patch, but she also can’t deny the intense attraction that is beginning to draw them together.

The only way Nora can protect herself is to discover the connection between the birthmark on her wrist, her mysterious new classmate Patch, a suspicious suicide, and an ancient battle fought between the angels of heaven and those that have fallen to earth.

Hush, Hush is an extremely exciting read that uses elements of romance, mystery, suspense, and the paranormal. Look for the sequel, Crescendo, in Fall 2010!

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Review by Eva, CLP – Allegheny

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