The Hollow by Jessica Verday

Ever since her best friend Kristen disappeared, Abbey has felt adrift in her hometown of Sleepy Hollow. Abbey clings to her best friend’s memory, even when Kristen’s body is finally found in the Crane River and everyone is town is whispering that she must have killed herself.

Abbey’s inability to let go leads her to discover that Kristen had been keeping secrets from her, and Abbey feels betrayed and confused. The only thing that distracts her from her life going to pieces is Caspian, a boy who shares her enthusiasm for graveyards and the local lore of Sleepy Hollow—like the tale of the Headless Horseman. Caspian also seems to think that Abbey is in some sort of danger, and is obsessed with keeping her safe. Abbey is drawn to Caspian, and even though he sometimes seems to share Abbey’s strong feelings, at other times he is distant and elusive. Abbey is left wondering who exactly Caspian is, and why he came into her life just when Kristen left it.

Mysteries begin to compound, and when all is revealed will Abbey be able to handle the truth?

The Hollow is dreary story set in the town of Sleepy Hollow, which was made famous by Washington Irving’s short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Jessica Verday draws a lot from this much older story, and tries to infuse The Hollow with the same amount of spine-tingling mystery, but I think most people will read it for the love story between Abbey and Caspian. The sequel, The Haunted, is coming out on August 31, 2010.

Review by Eva, CLP – Allegheny

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