Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate lives in Gatlin, probably the most boring, unchanging, predictable town to ever be. The last town scandal was when his mother died. Ethan could not wait to leave Gatlin after high school, but no one ever leaves.

Everyone in town is petrified by the real-life haunted house in Gatlin, Ravenwood Manor. What’s even scarier is the owner, Macon Ravenwood, who hasn’t ever been seen before. When Macon’s niece moves to Gatlin, all hell breaks lose. Lena is so different from the other girls at Gatlin, and Ethan is automatically drawn to her.. especially after he realizes Lena is the same girl in his dreams that he’s been having for awhile.

Lena is very mysterious, and the more Ethan gets to know her, he comes to realize she’s WAY more different then what everyone thought. Lena’s whole family are “Casters”, kind of like witches, or people that have certain powers. That’s the main reason why Macon Ravenwood was never outside. Ethan is drawn into Lena’s crazy life, and the people of Gatlin basically start to shun and discriminate against the two of them.

Lena is fifteen, but as a Caster, on her sixteenth birthday, she will be “Claimed”.. either Light or Dark. If she turns Dark, she will be evil and horrible and a bad person. If she turns Light, she will be good and normal.

Lena and Ethan have a certain chemistry.. a dangerous chemistry. They found this locket and every time they hold hands and touch the locket they have these visions.. and they found out that Lena’s family, the Duchannes, were cursed by The Book of Moons that every Duchannes girl will turn Dark.

Lena and Ethan find out scary things about their familes and their town that they live in and go to scary proportions to try and stop Lena from being Claimed. Read this book if you want an undeniable love story mixed with a scary curse and a scary journey.

*This book was probably the best book I’ve ever read! It was VERY descriptive and it had a lot of information in it. I can definitely see this being turned into a movie. It had a great storyline and Ethan and Lena live crazy lives that you just get drawn into!

Review by Jenna Mihalcin
Volunteer – CLP, Main – Teen Dept.

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