Guyaholic by Carolyn Mackler

V Valentine is basically the girl that tries to get with every guy and have relationships for only a week. But when she gets hit in the head with a hockey puck, it landed her in the arms of Sam Almond. Sam is automatically different in V’s standards. She ACTUALLY starts to fall for him… and when the usual time of breakup of two weeks comes around, V realizes that she wants Sam to stay around longer.

V lives with her grandparents, which is where her mom dropped her off one day. Aimee, V’s mother, is just like her. She has a new boyfriend every month but she moves to a new place with every break up. V hasn’t heard from Aimee in forever, and V starts to feel that her mother doesn’t love her.

One night, V makes a huge mistake, which caused her and Sam to be over. After that, V realized that she actually did care for Sam, as much as she pretended she didn’t.

V embarks on a cross-country drive to Texas to visit her mother. Scared and alone, V goes through tons of trials and tribulations and learns much more about her life while she was driving than she ever has. Read this book to see if V finally patches things up with her mother and/or Sam.

This was a good book about defying labels and breaking out of what other people think you are. If you feel like you’re trapped and stuck in a label, read this book and see how V will give you tons of inspiration and that you can change!

Review by Jenna Mihalcin, volunteer
CLP, Main – Teen Dept.

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