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Everybody has heard of the show “The Simpsons”, an animated show that has been around for ages and follows the lives of the Simpsons family (Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie). You may or may not have also seen some of the paraphernalia associated with the show such as t-shirts. But to my surprise today I found out there is also a series of comic books. Today I tried out these comic books by reading two issues “Simpsons Comics: Barn Burner” and “Bart Simpson – Class Clown” as well as part of a few other issues.

Each book, has multiple comics in it (usually around 10) that often varies in length but usually take no more then 5-10 minutes to read. The plot resembles the plot of the show, with Bart or Homer often causing trouble and occasionally focusing on other members of the family/various people of Springfeild. It is hard to describe the plot since it changes from comic to comic, but regardless almost all of them are entertaining. It definitely not as good as the show, but it still a fun read, especially in the months between seasons of the show. So next time you are at the library (if you are a fan of the show) be sure to check out The Simpsons comic series.

Review by Samantha, teen volunteer

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