Stoner & Spaz by Ron Koertge

This is a classic tale of two different kinds of misfits who find solace from their everyday lives in each other’s company. Ben has Cerebral Palsy and is incredibly self-conscious about it. He has turned to movies to escape life and to find out about what ‘normal’ people do. Colleen is a girl with a messed up home life, drug dealing boyfriend, and uses drugs to escape her reality. They meet in a darkened movie theater and slowly but surely become friends. Ben falls for Colleen right away because she treats his C.P. like it isn’t even there, but it takes a little while for Colleen to admit her feelings for Ben. In order for her to admit her feelings she’ll also have to admit that her drug use is out of control. Even though this book doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s the age-old tale of boy falls for girl, girl thinks she falls for boy but eventually breaks his heart, Stoner & Spaz is a quick, delightful read. If coming-of-age stories about people who live on the outside of mainstream society are your cup of tea than this book is for you.

Review by Leah, CLP-Downtown & Business