The Chosen by Carol Lynch Williams

Thirteen year old Kyra is child number four in the birth order of an existing 20 children with two more on the way. She lives with her father and his three wives in a community in Texas. But this is no ordinary community. They are set apart literally and figuratively. Literally in the desert of Texas, and figuratively in a religious compound that believes that a man will only go to heaven if he has at least 3 wives. The community members consider the outside world as the devil’s playground. Only the Apostle Child can make decisions for each family. Obedience is the rule. No reading, no fraternizing with the opposite sex and absolutely no disobedience! But Kyra has never been the type of child that followed every rule in the community. No reading anything except The Bible–Kyra found her way around that. The Ironton County Bookmobile makes a stop each week. There she has met Patrick, the driver and librarian who offers wonderful choices to the information starved Kyra. No fraternizing with the opposite sex, she has a friend of her own that she wouldn’t mind being one of his wives, Joshua.

So when the decree comes down that Kyra is to be married and Kyra promptly disobeys, everything is at stake. It’s the way of life for the girls to be wives even at the tender age of thirteen. The problem lies with the choice. Kyra has been chosen to marry her father’s brother, Hyrum. Kyra is to be wife number seven to a man that is almost 60 years old and her uncle!

The Chosen by Carol Lynch Williams takes an insider look at a way of life that many of us have no idea about the inner workings of. It is a story of tremendous courage and strength of a girl who chooses to try to change the only way of life she has ever known.

Review by Andrea, CLP-Hill District