Bad Island by Doug TenNapel

The last thing Reese wants to do is go on the family boat trip, but his dad is dragging him anyway. He’d much rather stay home, go to football practice, and maybe throw a little party while his folks are away. But before he knows it a furious storm sends their boat off course, and Reese and his family are fighting for their lives. Eventually they crash into a mysterious island. At first, the family’s biggest concern is finding shelter and food, but as they explore their surroundings it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary island. Even worse, it seems that the island’s inhabitants are trying to kill them.

It’s the island itself and the mystery that envelopes it that makes this such an entertaining story. As the family gradually unravels the secrets of the island it becomes almost impossible to put the book down. There are also small, seemingly unrelated bits of story about a faraway planet and a war between alien races. TenNapel does a good job of bringing these two threads together to a satisfying conclusion.

TenNapel is also a fantastic illustrator. The monsters, the aliens and the island itself are imaginative and beautifully inked and colored. There’s also plenty of comedy throughout and the tone is always light and fun. If you enjoyed the show “Lost” or love a good mystery then this book will not disappoint.

Review by Simon, CLP-Knoxville

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