How to Be a Genius: Your Brain and How to Train It

I’m always looking for ways to make my brain more efficient at soaking up knowledge, and How to Be a Genius is a fun and awesomely illustrated guide for doing just that. The book is split into different sections so you can focus on what you want, like “How Memory Works” and “Problem Solving.” All of the sections start with some background neurology or science on the topic. In the “A Way with Words” section for example, you learn about how our brains and bodies learn how to speak before delving in deeper to things like written language and codes.

Even more than the background info, I love trying to do the brain training exercises in the book. I say trying because some of them are a real challenge. One of the easier tests is the personality test, since there are no wrong answers there, and who doesn’t love to learn more about their favorite topic: themselves!

Besides brain strengthening info and drills, there are also biographies of famous brains and the people they belong to, and some exercises on boosting your creativity, which ultimately leads to boosting your IQ. Get smart from the inside out and read this book!

Review by Annica Stivers, CLP-West End

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