If I Tell by Janet Gurtler

“It was you I saw, and I couldn’t close my eyes.

You I saw exposing me to your lies.

What you did makes me bereft

Because instead of acing it I left,

And now I’m alone with no one to trust.

Betray me. Betray you. I must.”

The lyrics to the song were written by seventeen year old Jasmine Evans. She is a gifted songwriter and guitar player. But as you can tell by the lyrics, she has a hard time trusting people. She lives in a small town in Tadita, Washington with her grandmother. Her mom was only 17 when she had her, so her grandparents step in to raise her. It is tough being a biracial child raised by older white folks in a small town not especially known for diversity. Jaz is a loner and used to being one! Every time she lets someone in, they hurt her. Desperate to show her grandmother she has something of a social life, she attends a party. When she gets there, she sees her mom’s current boyfriend, Simon, a rather handsome black man, kissing her best friend Lacey. One huge mistake leads to one giant secret and Jasmine is left with the scars like so many times before. What will happen if for once she stands up rather than run away? Read If I Tell by Janet Gurtler.

Review by Andrea, CLP-Hill District

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