A Certain October by Angela Johnson

Most teens look forward to the two biggest events in October—Halloween and Homecoming. Scotty’s high school is having Homecoming on Halloween. Scotty and her friends were excited about going to Homecoming and celebrating Halloween as a group, but then the unthinkable happened. A terrible accident injures Scotty and her seven-year-old autistic brother. Scotty’s injuries aren’t life threatening, but her brother is in a coma! At least they’re alive. Two kids from Scotty’s school were killed and Scotty blames herself for what has happened.  Most of the kids at school don’t know how to treat her. Thankfully, her true friends, Misha and Falcone, remain there for her.

As the story unfolds, Johnson allows readers to discover that Scotty is coping with loss, guilt and grief. Not knowing what she believes in (she hadn’t been to church since her mother passed away when Scotty was just a kid), Scotty searches for answers to the unexplainable.  Scotty’s friends (both old and new) are there by her side during this difficult time. This moving story of heartache, bereavement and woe leaves readers with an understanding of the reality of unexpected death.

Review by Barb, CLP-Allegheny


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