The Year of the Beasts by Cecil Castellucci and Nate Powell

I’m going to attempt to tell you why The Year of the Beasts is such a fantastic book without giving away any spoilers.  There is a big reveal, which takes this intricately told story to the realm of devastating heartbreak, but that’s all I can say.

Well, I guess I can tell you about Lulu and Tessa.  These girls are sisters that are cut from different cloths.  Tessa resents Lulu’s annoying positivity, especially as she starts hanging out with Tessa’s friends and even worse, Lulu starts dating the boy Tessa has a crush on.  The rift between the sisters gets deeper and the alternating chapters of reality and dark fantasy start to blur.

The reason I was drawn to this book is the way it’s told.  The Year of the Beasts is told two ways: half of the chapters are told in words written by Cecil Castellucci, and the other half are told in pictures drawn by Nate Powell.  The two stories don’t seem to be related at first, but like any great story, it all comes together.  If you want a dark, moody, quick read, The Year of the Beasts is the one for you.

Review by Annica , CLP-West End

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