Work What You Got by Stephanie Moore

Sororities have always had a major role in the collegiate experience. The Deltas just celebrated 100 years of existence from the time they first appeared on the campus of Howard University. The AKA’s and Zetas will soon celebrate their centennials as well.

Beta Gamma Pi is a fictitious sorority that College Sophomore Hayden Grant wants to join. Her three roommates have differing opinions on sorority life. Myra will only pledge the sorority with the reputation for throwing the best parties. Bridget is thinking about pledging, but the Beta Pi’s are too bourgeois for her to ever want to be a part of. Her last roommate, Chandra, is only interested in her school work. She simply does not see the benefits of sisterhood; Me Phi Me all the way.

Hayden’s mother is a member of the coveted sorority. Her uncle is the president of the college she attends. Even with all these things in her favor, she still has to be invited to become a part of the sorority. “Work What You Got”, the debut novel in the Beta Gamma Pi Series by Stephanie Perry Moore, is must reading for ladies even curious about sorority life, friendship, betrayal and love. Moore’s story will test the bonds of true sisterhood.

Review by Andrea, CLP-Hill District


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