Looking For Alaska by John Green

Miles has a boring life, no friends and a penchant for memorizing the last lines of famous dead people. Inspired by Francois Rabelais’ last words “I go to seek the Great Perhaps,” Miles chooses to ship himself off to boarding school to change the dull life he’s lived up until now and find his very own Great Perhaps.

The first person he meets is his roommate who goes by the nickname The Colonel. The Colonel swoops up Miles into his clique of fun, friends and pranks, and introduces Miles to the girl he falls in love with: Alaska. Alaska is sexy, intelligent, beautiful, emotional and impulsive. Miles has never known someone like Alaska; he never knew someone like her could exist. And he falls hard. There are many problems with falling in love with Alaska, the most glaringly obvious is that she has a boyfriend that she loves. And he’s not just some doofus. Alaska’s boyfriend is a really cool guy and as much as Miles tries to hate him, he can’t help but like the guy.

John Green doesn’t use traditional chapters in Looking for Alaska. Instead he tells the story in “Before” and “After.” Obviously something major happens in the middle of Before and After, but you have to read the book yourself to find out. No spoilers here!

If you’re in the mood for some realistic fiction – no vampires or special powers, just normal people like you and me, well, if we went to boarding school and smoked a lot of cigarettes, and buried wine in the school yard to dig up and drink later, and played ridiculous and borderline dangerous pranks – then pick up this award winning book!

Review by Anicca, CLP-West End

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