Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Aria and Perry are back in the sequel to “Under the Never Sky” by Veronica Rossi, and they are officially a couple…sort of.

Aria and Roar have set out after a disastrous attempt at life in the Perry’s home village. He is now Blood Lord of the Tides but the tribe is not happy about him bringing an outsider into their midst. So much so that at the marking ceremony Aria is poisoned by her tattoo to the point where she almost dies.

Perry’s nephew, Talon, is still a prisoner in the world of Realms where Aria has been banished. The Aether storms are becoming more and more frequent occurrences rather than anomalies and are upsetting the pods or the world of the realms. Director of Security Hess, who initially banished Aria, is in need of her help. There is said to be a world that is Aether free and the only hope for the existing pods. If Aria can locate it, he will let Talon go free. Aria’s mother was lost in one of the pods and time is running out for her friends and the realms. Perry wanted to go with her but he would have lost the respect of the tribe if he would have abandoned them to be with that ‘dweller ‘. However, he still wants to rescue his nephew. If that wasn’t enough motivation for her, her attacker is back with a new twist. He was banished but only to a different realm. He seems like an unlikely ally for Aria, but in this complex novel, you never know who you can trust.

“Through the Ever Night” by Veronica Rossi is the 2nd book in the trilogy. It is part Hunger Games, part Matched and part Uglies all rolled into one. A great read that will keep you wanting and waiting for the final installment.

Review by Andrea, CLP-Hill District

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