¡Dos! by Green Day

This album sounds like the band was just hammering out solid tunes in a garage and decided to record them.  Guitar solos in some songs are crazy!  Sounds Great!  The mood ¡Dos! creates for me makes me just want to jam out with my guitar on all the songs and sing along as well.  Very catchy songs.

“Stray Heart” has a killer bass line, the lyrics are good, drums are smooth, and the guitar work is very good with a nice solo added to the song.  Trust me, you will like this song, and I know you will relate to it very well.  Another track is “Wow! That’s loud.”  This is classic Green Day.  Very catchy, very fast, very loud.  A great guitar solo tops it all off.  The song, I think, will remind you a lot of some of The Who’s work.

Green Day is still going after such a long time and they care about their fans.  If you’re in the mood to party, or jam out with some friends, give this record a listen.

Review by Dylan.

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