The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Who doesn’t love a book with a talking dog? Well, Manchee doesn’t talk exactly, but in New Prentisstown everyone’s (and every creatures’) thoughts are broadcast out of their mind for everyone to hear. They call it the Noise. The Noise is a result of the ‘germ’ that was released in the New World. This is the same germ that lead to the death of every woman. Now all that’s left are men, their Noise, and Todd Hewitt, the last boy in New Prentisstown.

Todd is a month away from turning 13 and becoming a man. But two things happen that jeopardize his life. First he finds a hole in the Noise while walking with Manchee, and then he finds a girl. And because of his Noise broadcasting his thoughts, he can’t keep it a secret.

Todd is fascinated by Viola, but the rest of his community wants to kill her for reasons Todd doesn’t understand, so the two of them flee with Manchee. They have more to worry about then the men of New Prentisstown, because the native people, the Spackle, as dangerous. The Spackle are the ones who released the germ, or so everyone is told.

The Knife of Never Letting Go is a fast-past thrill-ride that pairs brutality with humor. A great read, and a great start to the Choas Walking series.

Review by Annica, CLP-West End

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