Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher

When Clay Jensen gets home from school he finds a box on his front porch with his name on it. The box is filled with seven tapes, and the tapes are filled with 13 reasons why Hannah, Clay’s crush, committed suicide.

Clay listens to the tapes and finds out he is reason number nine. Hannah actually really liked Clay too, but after all she had gone through, she pushed him away leading to guilt and regret for both of them, and eventually part of Hannah’s demise.

Hannah was the new kid not too long ago. She had a clean slate. But it didn’t last for long. At a party one night she kissed Justin Foley – just an innocent kiss – but Justin blew it up to make it seem like they did way more. Of course everyone loves a good rumor, so everyone believed it. Then Hannah made the “Hottest Ass in the Freshman Class” list leading to more sexual attention and harassment, and some girls who didn’t make the list took out their jealousy by being cruel.

Things were bad. Hannah was isolated and the things people thought of her and were saying about her weren’t true and weren’t under her control. As a last resort Hannah went to a teacher and told him about her situation. She needed someone to tell her how to fix things and how to be happy, but the teacher failed her, and then Hannah failed herself.

This book will make you want to scream. It’s not often that a book can grip you like 13 Reasons Why.

This emotional, realistic book is currently being made into a movie starring Selena Gomez. Read the book to see if you think she’s right for the role.

Review by Annica, CLP-West End

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