Super Pop! by Daniel Harmon

Super Pop’s subtitle is “Pop culture top ten lists to help you win at trivia, survive in the wild, and make it through the holidays,” which pretty much says it all. This book is for you if you want a cultural education on what is awesome.

Take, for example, the chapter on finding your spirit animal. Before getting into the top ten list to assist with this spiritual pursuit, Harmon advises his readers to “take a breath, take your time, and choose wisely—because spirit animals, like face tattoos, are forever.” Then comes the list, which includes media formats like TV shows, podcasts, books, movies and music. Any part of pop culture that gives a good overview of spirit animals is in there, which pretty much guarantees you’ll find something you’ll be into to get you going on your quest.

One of my favorite chapters is called “Gain Some Perspective: Read a Book and Try On Another Human Being,” which is probably no surprise to you since I’m a librarian. I’m old and I’ve traveled, but I’m not that old and I haven’t traveled that much, so reading a book helps slay boredom and be a better person by showing me what it’s like to be someone else in another place and maybe even another time. Reading is seriously awesome like that.

Read Super Pop! if you’re looking for a book you can flip back and forth through where you can learn something cool on every page. Like how to be more responsible by watching the movie Alien (p. 137).

Review by Annica, CLP-West End

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