The Dark Hunters: Infinity Volume 1 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The manga “The Dark Hunters: Infinity” is about a boy named Nick who lives alone with his mom.  Him and his mom are literally dirt poor and live a hand to mouth life.  Until Nick makes a heroic decision to save an old couple’s life from people he called friends and ends up getting saved by a mysteriously handsome and rich man named Kyrian Hunter.

My two favorite characters…wait no make that three favorite characters, are Acheron, Simi and Nick!  Wow.  What a bunch of awesome people oh or should I say what a group of awesome demons.  Ha! =^.^=

This whole book, no wait, this whole series is freaking awesome!!!  I love how they all connect together!  Wow!  And all the super natural bits are well planned and awesome!  This is a book all teens can read infact all teens should read this book!  It’s freakin awesome!

I really really love this book because it is part of a series that is radical and almost all of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s characters live in the same world so you can see Nick in her other books!  Amazing!!!

Review by Ameret.

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