Lincoln’s Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin

In 1876, Abraham Lincoln, deceased for almost 11 years, would make an attempt to resurface! Not of his own doing, but rather by way of a little known heist. This sounds like the beginning of a crime thriller, that can only be fiction, but it is complete truth. This historical account is chronicled at an exciting and frantic pace, perfect for any reader.

Sheinkin provides a detailed account of Ben Boyd, who was a master civil war era counterfeiter and his eventual arrest. It is the arrest of Ben Boyd, which puts into motion the series of events, “which would fit perfectly into any modern day James Bond or Jason Bourne novel”, leading to the devious plan to steal President Lincoln’s corpse.

An ensuing cat and mouse game between the would-be grave robbers and the newly formed Secret Service ensues. Riveting action is present throughout the investigation. Did the Secret Service succeed, or did Ben Boyd’s band of counterfeiting fellows pull off the most daring body snatching ever conceived?

Review by Tim, CLP-Allegheny

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