The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Black Holly

Coldtown is a place in the future United States. There are cold towns on each coast and a few states in between. It is not because of the weather in these states that the term Coldtown is used. It is used because the inhabitants are cold. There are quarantined city states that are home to full-fledged flesh eating vampires, the newly turned and humans who have risked infection, but have not turned after 48 hours.

After a party, Seventeen year old Tana finds herself in the bathtub of a house where most of her friends and some who are not her friends are dead; bitten. The lone exceptions are her ex-boyfriend Aiden and a beaten vampire named Gavriel. Against her better judgment, Tana decides to help Aiden and Gavriel escape the vampires who have committed these horribly unspeakable acts against her classmates. Their only hope appears to be to get to a Coldtown, a place where vampires and humans coexist. But the closer they get, the more confused Tana is regarding the inner workings of the coldtowns. The vampires need lots of living people to supply them with blood willingly. If they had to go around attacking people, they’d risk spreading infection and losing food supply. You don’t know who to trust. You don’t know who is just using you to gain leverage with the vampires or humans who want to trade you for their slightly afflicted humans release.

With cryptic messages, poems and sayings from famous writers and philosophers opening up each chapter, Holly Black has penned a tale that will leave readers ‘thirsty’ for more with each page read.

Review by Andrea, CLP-Homewood

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