picture me gone

Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

Mia and her father are supposed to be traveling from their home in London to visit her father’s life-long best friend, Matthew, and his family in New York State. When Matthew goes missing just days before their trip, Mia’s father simply changes their mission. Instead of catching up with an old friend, they’ll be searching for him. Mia’s strange ability to piece together a room’s virtually imperceptible clues and read someone’s unspoken feelings makes her the perfect travel companion.

When she arrives in New York, Mia begins to put the puzzle of Matthew’s life back together. The cherished dog he left behind, an emotionally-detached wife and the details of a car accident that killed Matthew’s first son all begin to paint an unhappy picture of Matthew’s life. As Mia and her father travel further into a snowy New York in an attempt to follow Matthew’s trail, both Mia and the reader begin to feel stranded in a complicated world filled with “adult” problems. Thankfully, Mia’s talent for reading people, her supportive family and her carefully considerate personality prepare her for the betrayal she uncovers—one that hits close to home and makes her question the safe world her parents have created for her.

Reviewed by Erin, CLP-Allegheny


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