promise me

Promise Me Something by Sara Kocek

Reyna just can’t seem to catch a break. Reyna’s mother passed away when she was younger. Reyna’s father was in a tragic accident, which he is still recovering from. In addition to this, she is being forced to abandon her only friends, because she has to go to a different high school. Leaving your friends behind is a difficult task for anyone. In a nutshell, Reyna’s would tell you her life “sucks”.

The first day at her new school, Reyna is completely alone. That is until she meets Olive, an outcast who possesses the in your face, harsh, and headstrong personality, which Reyna is really not to fond of. Being that Olive is her only friend at this new school, so what is she supposed to do?

Reyna and Olive are both dealing with their own insecurities and personal turmoil’s. Reyna an Olive soon confide in one another, but Reyna isn’t prepared for or ready to accept what Olive has to share. Olive is gay, the first lesbian Reyna has ever met, and Reyna doesn’t know how to handle it, ultimately shunning Olive.

Issues related to friendship, betrayal, loneliness, bullying, sexual identity, and suicide are honestly and realistically explored in Promise Me Something. To find out how Reyna and Olive navigate and overcome these issues, be sure to read Promise Me Something.

Reviewed by Tim CLP-Allegheny

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