James Dashner’s new series The Mortality Doctrine begins with this intense, fast-paced thriller set in a technologically advanced future.  Video games have progressed to the point where, if you can afford it, you can buy a “coffin” where you plug into the VirtNet and actually exist in the game.  You can hang out with your Virt friends, be completely physically and mentally immersed in any game and live out your gaming fantasies. If you die in a game, no big deal.  But when someone starts trapping gamers in the VirtNet, death becomes a very real thing.

No one knows why Kaine is trapping people, but the trapped players are starting to pop up everywhere and disturb the VirtNet.  The government hires Michael, an amazing gamer who spends most of his time in the VirtNet, to solve the mystery with his VirtNet friends Bryson and Sarah.  When they agreed to take on this task they had no idea just how dangerous it would be. Michael, Bryson and Sarah goof around a lot and even though they get into potentially deadly situations they still manage to crack jokes.  The Eye of Minds isn’t all fun and games though.  From page one it’s a super fast paced thriller that won’t disappoint readers looking for an adventurous ride through virtual reality.


Reviewed by Annica –CLP-West End

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