Alice in the Country of Hearts.

Alice In the Country of Hearts by is a cute but killer retelling of Alice in wonderland. In this version Alice Liddell, is kidnapped by Peter White (the white rabbit) and forced down a hole into Wonderland. Although this isn’t the Wonderland you would expect, here in the country of hearts, murder and death is expected and everyone is packing a weapon.

One of my favorite characters is Ace, he’s a knight from the heart castle. He has a terrible sense of direction, and often gets lost but is none the less a cheerful and happy character. Although as expected of a knight he is a deadly and skillful fighter, and wields a sword.

I Also like Boris, he lives in the Amusement Park with the owner Mary Gow-land (he’s also a guy). Boris is the Cheshire cat and In this version he is a neko guy, with the cat-ears and even a fluffy tail (purple and pink of course!) He is very curious about all sorts of things and especially about Alice’s world. Although he does tend to get mixed up in trouble and fights, he wields a pistol.

I really enjoy the general idea behind the book, and the way it flows. I also like how Alice is, just like us, clueless in this new world and slowly discover the wonders. The best part about this is the cute story line filled with action and murder, with plenty of plot twists!

I recommend this fun manga series to really anyone who is willing to try it. Although I suggest you don’t start it till it’s a weekend because once you finish the first volume you won’t be able to stop until you finish the entire series.

Reviewed by Delany, CLP-Carrick



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