life after theft

Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike

It is hard enough changing to any new school, but when you go to high school, it is so much tougher. To make friends you try to fit in and try not to cause a fight at least on the first day. Imagine if you were Jeff Clayson. His family came into money and now he is a student at Whitestone Academy, a very exclusive private school in Santa Monica, California. Jeff did exactly what you would not want to do, call attention to himself and get in a fight. The problem was who he got into a fight with.

Now everyone thinks he is absolutely crazy! Apparently, Jeff is the only one who can see a young lady name Kimberlee Schaffer. She’s beautiful, dressed very trendy and apparently from a very wealthy family. The problem is; she’s dead. She died a year ago and no one but Jeff can see her. Kimberlee was the epitome of a mean girl and she was also a thief. Kimberlee is not sure why she was left on Earth and why Jeff is the only one who can see her. Possibly it is to correct some past wrongs. In an attempt to cross over, she solicits Jeff’s help in returning the stolen merchandise to the rightful owners. Easy peasy right. . .? Jeff finds out that it was probably easier for Kimberlee to steal the items than it is for him to return them. Follow the mayhem that ensues in Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike.


Reviewed by Andrea, CLP-Homewood