Sampling the Rich History of Poetry: Part 3

Fri., Sep. 29
Welcome to the third and final installment of my series on poetry. We started our exploration way, way back in 1794, when words like "thy" were in everyday use. In this post, we'll look at two poems that are much more recent (although they are not from the 21st century.) Both poems touch on nature and how people observe it, how we sometimes try to capture it or…

New Locally Produced Title: You Are One

Fri., Sep. 29
LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARD.  You Are One was selected by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh as a “Best Books for Babies” in 2017.  Narrated by Tiffini Simoneaux, the Early Childhood Manager in the Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment from the Office of Mayor William Peduto, this audiobook was then edited and produced by…

Throwing No Stones

Wed., Sep. 27
I begin this post with a disclaimer: I may not be the most impartial judge when it comes to Louise Penny. In the past couple of years she has become, hands down, one of my favorite mystery authors who could easily transcend genre if she chose to do so. Her new book. Glass Houses, is one of the best mysteries I have read this year.…

Candide, or Optimism

Wed., Sep. 27
Do you think that we live in the best of all possible worlds? I don’t. And neither did Voltaire. Although written in the 18th century, his novel Candide, or Optimism (DB31736) is still relevant as if it was written today. It is a satire on the current state of the world and the problem of free will. The tale of Candide begins in the castle of…

REcollection Studio Open for Business

Mon., Sep. 25
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh believes that our community’s history and culture is important and worth preserving!  The library’s newly created REcollection Studio is our commitment to preserve your diverse voices, knowledge, and history and share your memories with family and friends. The Do-It-Yourself public digitization studio on the 3rd floor of CLP-Main provides specialized hardware and software to transfer analog material into digital formats.…

Every Child Ready to Read: Writing Tips

Mon., Sep. 25
Reading and writing go hand in hand. If a child is able to develop motor skills, has access to plenty of books and can scribble as soon as they can hold a large crayon, they are on their way to reading readiness.

Preserving Family Treasures

Fri., Sep. 22
The upcoming month of October happens to be Family History Month. For all you genealogy buffs and future historians out there, here are a few tips on how to best care for the family heirlooms.
Image of Victuals by Ronni Lundy

Spine to Spoon - Victuals: Ronni Lundy's Appalachian Cookbook

Wed., Sep. 20
“Spine to Spoon” is a series that digs into our Library’s rich stock of cookbooks and culinary collections. Each month, I’ll pick a book, try it out and write about it. I can’t share my dishes with you, but I’d love to share our books! Follow the “Spine to Spoon” tag to keep up with my kitchen.
Love Your Library

Love Your Library, Love Your Language

Mon., Sep. 18
As part of Love Your Library month, we're highlighting some of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's most-loved programs and services here on Eleventh Stack. If you've ever taken a look at the extensive list of language classes offered by CLP and wondered how we manage to offer everything from Arabic to Spanish, you're in luck — today's post is all about taking you behind the scenes and into the world of the library's amazing language volunteers!