Woman Lucid Dreaming

Analyzing the Dream State

Tue., Oct. 31
I recently read a profound book by scientist and sleep researcher Rosalind Cartwright called The Twenty-four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives. I've always been interested in dreams and dream analysis, but this book provided the psychological element that was missing in other publications of its kind. Dreaming, according to Cartwright, serves as much more than subconscious entertainment: It…

Behind the Scenes at the Library

Tue., Oct. 31
In honor of director Frederick Wiseman's 42nd documentary, Ex Libris, local arts organization Pittsburgh Filmmakers is hosting Library Week at the Melwood and Regent Square Theaters. For those unfamiliar with Wiseman's new film, it is a behind the scenes look at The New York Public Library. In celebration of all things library-related, Filmmakers is offering a special deal for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh cardholders and…

3 Ghost Stories of Carnegie Library in Oakland

Mon., Oct. 30
The main branch of the Carnegie Library in Oakland opened in 1895, naturally with a building that is so old, over the years stories have emerged about strange things happening that could not be explained. We’ll look at three stories told by local tour guides, media stations, and workplace folklore. Curl up tight, turn off the lights, here we go…. The Judge was here "A…

Explore Sensory Discoveries

Mon., Oct. 30
At the beginning of October, my colleague Michael and I began presenting Sensory Discoveries storytime at CLP - Squirrel Hill. Sensory Discoveries is a program designed for children with autism and other sensory processing disorders, as well as peers of all abilities. It is a warm and welcoming space where children and their caregivers can gather to share stories, songs and hands-on activities.

The Power of Now

Tue., Oct. 24
If you spent your whole life reading books on spirituality, meditation, trying to “figure it out”, I heartily recommend The Power of Now (DB 55646) by Eckhart Tolle. The author, as he stated himself, does not reveal anything we do not already know; he rather gives us the key to open the door. By reading the book, you feel a tremendous amount of relief and…

STEM Halloween Fun

Mon., Oct. 23
Halloween is a great holiday to use STEM activities with children. Read on to learn more.
Authors Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss standing together.

Self-Help and Motivational Books

Sun., Oct. 22
This post is a confession, I like self-help and motivational books. I have for a long time. I know it sounds cliché, but many of these books have changed my life. The genre is large, and I'm certainly not a fan of everything, but authors like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and many others have had an enormous impact on my life. Each of…

Horrifying Halloween How-To

Fri., Oct. 20
(Warning: this post includes images of realistic special effects makeup that may be disturbing for some people) It’s October, which means it’s HALLOWEEN!! Well, not quite yet, but here are some spooky makeup looks to get your costume ready (if you’re still trying to think of a costume, check out these titles). First, let’s go over some tools you might use in your Halloween looks.…

Infants and Writing Skills…How Do I Do That?

Mon., Oct. 16
When it comes to those five early literacy skills, the term “writing” can be misleading, especially in the context of infants and babies. Read on to learn more about encouraging this early learning skill.
A photo of the author JRR Tolkien, smiling

Tolkien's Two Towers

Sun., Oct. 15
Recently I wrote on this blog about re-reading Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring. I enjoyed getting back into that book so much that I moved on to the next in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers. I was again struck by how re-reading a book like this allows one to experience different things each time. The intensity of some of the characters (specifically…