Outside of the Library of Alexandria

Great Library of Alexandria: New and Improved

Thu., Sep. 6
The chroniclers of antiquity wrote that the Great Library of Alexandria held at its peak more than 400,000 scrolls on all manners of subjects, the most massive collection of knowledge in the ancient Mediterranean world. Despite the size of its holdings, this library definitely lacked one thing: a section for the blind and physically handicapped. Fortunately for the world, its modern successor has rectified that…
Robyn nuzzled by one of her Camels.

A Camel Lady’s Fate.

Wed., Sep. 5
This past month, my co-worker Julia and I read a book titled Tracks by Robyn Davidson (DB 18639) for one of our Library’s book clubs.  Julia and I fell head over heels for the book: placing holds on all the companion books, hunting down the original article in National Geography, and 3D printing a caravan of camels. Julia wrote a blog post about our group's reaction…
Cover of IT

IT: King's Monster in a Small Town. Well one of them.

Sun., Sep. 2
This book is amazing, and disturbing, and even horrifying.  It is also generally hard to write about. Not because you have to worry about spoiling things, that’s easily avoided, but because It’s title and the pronoun you use to refer to inanimate objects like the book are the same word.  IT.  This book has surged to public attention once again with a blockbuster of a…