Librarian helping a patron during a computer class

Your Journey to Digital Literacy - February 2019 Workshops

Thu., Jan. 31
Digital literacy is extremely important in any job field, but it is also necessary for those who wish to join the rest of the tightly-networked online world. At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, we want all patrons seeking to improve their digital literacy to have the opportunity to do so. Beyond our free Internet and computer usage, we provide resources to achieve our goal of having…

Print-and-Braille Picture Books

Tue., Jan. 29
Print-and-braille picture books are a wonderful way to introduce braille to blind or visually impaired children.
A Brief History of Seven Killing cover, depicting a Record

Caribbean Fiction

Sat., Jan. 26
The Caribbean Sea is a relatively small geographic area but is filled with many islands and countries that are very rich in culture and diversity.  Many of these islands have also lived through much turmoil, poverty, and difficult political situations.  Below is a list of authors from various Caribbean countries that exemplify Caribbean struggles and Caribbean literary tradition. Krik? Krak!  by Edwidge Danticat – DB 47187 - Ten short…
Cheryl next to a 3-D printer in the Library

Empowered by Creative Learning

Thu., Jan. 24
Enter Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Allegheny on a Tuesday afternoon and patrons — right in the center of the room — could be learning to sew or recording their own music. Even better, they’re smiling, they’re connecting, and they’re learning. “They love it,” says Barb Lawler, senior librarian. “It opens up more possibilities for them — things they never dreamed of or knew that…

Ten Skills for Digital Literacy

Thu., Jan. 24
Did you ever find yourself trying to apply for a job, yet all you had was a paper resume from 10 years ago and no way to get it online to complete the application process? Or, maybe you look at the computer screen and don’t know what to click -- or even how to click -- to find your next apartment. In 2019, Carnegie Library…

Spotlight on Children’s Spaces: CLP – Hazelwood

Wed., Jan. 23
Come through the doors of CLP - Hazelwood and look to the right, and you will see a large metal art piece by Homestead artist David Lewis: a whole wall of animals amid the trees of “Hazel Woods”. It’s a great visual piece that invites children and families into a space that encourages literacy and learning!   Once in the Children’s area, you may receive a warm welcome from the friendly Children’s…
Squirrel Hill Library

A History of Squirrel Hill

Wed., Jan. 23
Squirrel Hill is one of Pittsburgh’s most vibrant neighborhoods.  Having lived there many years and because I still enjoy visiting it, I was intrigued to read Squirrel Hill A Neighborhood History (DBC 14834) by the Squirrel Hill Historical Society and Helen Wilson, Editor.  The book begins with the ancient geological formations that created the hill that, until the late 19th century, kept it somewhat isolated…
Educated Book Cover

The Lessons of Westover.

Sun., Jan. 20
At the end of last year Tara Westover’s memoir Educated (DB 90188) had popped up on my radar more than a few times. After half a dozen mentions I finally placed the book on hold even though I already had too many books checked out (#libraryworkerproblems). Up late babysitting, I burned through a large portion of the book in awe as I read about the experiences Tara…
MLK 360: A Children's Booklist About Dr. King's Legacy

MLK 360: A Children's Booklist About Dr. King's Legacy

Sat., Jan. 19
As a child, I remember studying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. only from one perspective—the man who had a dream. Without a deep understanding of Dr. King, I lacked the ability to apply some of his profound principles to my life. Years later as an adult, I read his autobiography and was amazed at the depth of his personhood. Out of this amazement, I created a booklist that allows children to understand Dr. King’s life as family member, activist, dreamer, and philosopher.
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Wed., Jan. 16
Past tense: a Jack Reacher novel By Lee Child DB 92767 / CL 19012 In the New England woods, wandering Jack Reacher sees a sign to a place he has never been: the town where his father was born. In the same isolated area, two Canadians' car breaks down. As their stories merge, Reacher makes a shocking discovery. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2018. The Reckoning By…