Reading Goals

Sun., Jan. 13
It’s that time again…time to determine my reading goals for the New Year. For the first time in a long time, I am participating in multiple book clubs and while this provides unique opportunities to expand my reading horizons, it also makes it trickier to find time to read books of my own choosing. With so many books to read and so little time, I’m…

The World Of Harry Potter and Love

Sat., Jan. 12
Holidays are special when spent with people close to us, but not everyone has the comfort of having that special someone(s). One such person was Harry Potter who was devoid of love and affection before he was introduced to the world of witchcraft and wizardry. While most of us have already read the books (more than twice), there are a lucky few who have the…

Garden Noam: Tranquil Space, Turbulent Topic

Thu., Jan. 10
International politics, U.S. imperialism, journalistic corruption, and infringement of democratic rights: what better place to digest these heady and complex concepts than in the garden, while surrounding yourself with peace and nature? While I was traveling across Europe in 2017, I spent a month in France designing and planting a classical French garden, a month in England helping create an organic permaculture garden, and a…
Carnegie's Maid Cover

Carnegie's Maid by Marie Benedict

Tue., Jan. 8
I read Carnegie’s Maid (DB 89953) an historical romance by Heather Terrell (writing as Marie Benedict) out of interest in that period in Pittsburgh’s history when Andrew Carnegie was ascending in wealth and power, and in the contrasts in society between the well-off classes and the immigrant working class.  On this score, the novel does not disappoint.  Ms. Terrell provides a thoughtful, detailed examination of…
Stack of picture books with titles visible along spines.

High-Contrast Picture Books for Children with Low Vision

Sat., Jan. 5
Children with low vision are a diverse group of readers. Some benefit from large print; others from high contrast. When it comes to picture books, where the meanings of stories usually depend on illustrations, how can we help children with low vision? High-contrast, visually simple picture books are a good place to start. My Bike by Byron Barton For children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI),…
Cover of Three Parts Dead

Three Parts Dead

Wed., Jan. 2
Three Parts Dead is a murder mystery, a brilliant court case, and an unrivaled entry into a new world, that of The Craft Sequence.  In this world the currency is soulstuff, the thing that makes beings alive, and it is also the power behind magic, and behind the Gods.  Craftspeople, wizards by any other name, are lawyers in their precision, their use of contracts and…