Cover art for Haben by Haben Girma

Haben Girma

Fri., Jan. 24
Black History Month is a time to remember those who started the fight against the societal imbalance between races, classes and cultures. We have so many idols to thank for the freedoms we have today and it is motivating to continue seeing more and more people rise up in the fight against these imbalances. There is one woman in particular who caught my eye when…
Graphic of government building

The Library is Your 2020 Census Hub

Thu., Jan. 23
Key partner and committee work Libraries across the country are playing a key role in 2020 Census activities; maybe you’ve already attended a Census Recruitment event or a session on how to use Census data in your work. At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh we’ve been planning how best to assist the Pittsburgh community to get a complete count so that we can ensure the best…
Parent and child look over S A T study materials in the reference area.

The Library Supports Single Moms Raising Teens

Wed., Jan. 22
As a mother, I shared my love of reading with my two sons and took them to the library quite often. They felt like “big boys” checking out books with their very own library card. When they finally selected a title, they quickly read and returned it, and checked out a new adventure. Now that they are teenagers, they still utilize the library, but in…
Archived Teenie Harris photo of a group of adults with the text "2020 Black History Month" positioned in the lower left hand corner.

eResources for Black History Month

Wed., Jan. 22
Looking for information about the people, places and events that Black History Month commemorates? Whether you are searching now or at any other time throughout the year, check out some of the eResources Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh offers. The African American Experience research database was developed with the guidance of African American librarians and subject specialists. The African American Experience is the widest ranging and…
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Stand Up and Be Counted!

Tue., Jan. 21
2020 is not only a Presidential election year, but also time for the Decennial Census! This is not only a civic duty that’s easy to fulfill, but also necessary for ensuring that our city and neighborhoods are fully funded and represented. If you don’t work with community data on a regular basis, you might not think much about the Census in your daily life. However,…
Two Kidsville Daycare teachers throw sheer fabric into the air as part of the storytime song "Popcorn Kernels"

Everybody Loves “Popcorn Kernels”

Thu., Jan. 16
Pittsburgh Ready reflects Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's mission to engage preschool youth meaningfully and develop innovative opportunities for professional growth. If Pittsburgh Ready had a theme song, it would be “Popcorn Kernels”!
Text "2020 Black History Month" in front of black geometrical background.

2020 Black History Month Book List for Teens

Thu., Jan. 16
The 2020 National theme for Black History Month is “African Americans and the Vote” marking the 150th anniversary of the Fifteenth Amendment which granted the right to vote to Black men after the Civil War. Through stories that illustrate the important history of voting rights and civil rights teens in grades 9-12 can learn about the Civil Rights Movement and the monumental Voting Rights Act of 1965 in an interesting and exciting way.
Woman's hands holding an iPad to use the BARD Mobile App. Her right pointer finger is pressing play.

Free Accessible Books for Pennsylvanians with Reading Disabilities

Wed., Jan. 15
At LBPH we have traditionally served people who are unable to access the printed word in typical ways.  Through the Library of Congress’ National Library Service, librarians and many other professionals have been able to certify people into the NLS program who are blind, visually disabled or who are unable to hold a book or turn its pages, allowing a return to a love of…
Lower rack of dishwasher filled with dishes and silverware.

Are you in the market for a new appliance?

Wed., Jan. 8
Did all of the dish washing during the holidays destroy your dishwasher, but you’re not sure which dishwasher to get? Do you want adjustable racks, a stainless-steel tub, flexible flatware slots, a soil sensor? What even is a soil sensor? Don’t panic! The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh can help. Consumer Reports Online is a tool to assist you in finding the best rated and most affordable appliances (and snowplows,…