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Wonders of the Urban Wilderness

Mon., May. 4
Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time walking around my neighborhood. It started when we got a puppy a couple of months ago. But the practice has definitely increased as our ability to get out and about elsewhere has decreased.   My walks have helped me focus, be more aware, and see my neighborhood with new eyes. I’ve walked down blocks I had (embarrassingly) not yet discovered in my fifteen years…
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Online COVID-19 Resources for Kids

Mon., May. 4
As librarians, we mostly believe that almost any problem can be solved—or at least better understood—through reading. The current pandemic is testing that belief (along with lots of others), but we are still searching for and sharing good resources as much as possible. If you also turn to books to help make sense of the world and you are trying to figure out how to explain the new reality to your kids, consider sharing some of these very recently published online titles with the children in your lives.