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August's Virtual Lineup

Fri., Jul. 31
FOLLOW US! Facebook Twitter Instagram Teenspace Instagram YouTube SUMMER READING In the summer months, we showcase Pittsburgh as a City of Readers through our Summer Reading Program – and this year is no different! Reading at least five books, magazines, eBooks or audiobooks during the summer helps to keep brains of all ages sharp and prepares children and teens to go back to school ready…
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Upcoming Program-alikes

Fri., Jul. 31
Hello! We hope this post finds you well. We have some great news to share—all of CLP locations are now offering curbside services! Click here to learn more about our curbside service hours, rules, and more.   Since the Library has paused in-person programming, we have organized “program-alikes” in a blog-post series. We spotlight programs and events provided by other Pittsburgh organizations that are similar to what you may be used to at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Let’s get started!  If you miss our storytimes, try... and…
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Daydream About PhenomeCON With These Book Suggestions

Thu., Jul. 30
This week, Teenspace staff would normally be polishing logistics for PhenomeCON, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh teens-only fandom convention. Even though we can't get together this year, we still want to celebrate love of fandoms. Read on to find book suggestions.
Librarian wearing #PGHREADS t-shirt packing a box of children's books to be distributed at Summer Reading book drop locations around Pittsburgh.

Reimagining Summer Reading with Chase

Wed., Jul. 29
This year, with school, summer camps and childcare abruptly altered, reading over the summer is more important than ever in order for children to maintain grade-level skills and stay curious and excited to learn. Encouraging children to read and practice their literacy skills over the summer is always part of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s mission and this year we are working harder than ever to…
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Digital Skills Basics: Parts of a Computer

Fri., Jul. 24
Whether you’re upgrading your machine and need a refresher on what’s what, or you’re exploring a computer for the first time ever, we’re here to help you get the basics down!  Before you check your email, update your resume or use a search engine to find answers, it’s helpful to understand the parts of a computer.   A computer is a machine that performs processes,…
An adult wearing headphones joyfully listens to a podcast on their phone.

Podcasts That Center Diverse Perspectives

Fri., Jul. 24
Podcasts! Ideal companions for driving, dishwashing, housecleaning, even gardening -- or maybe insomnia companions. Here I have compiled a list of podcasts that cover a range of identities engaging with the world, focusing on Black, LGBTQ+ and disabled perspectives.
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July Program-alikes

Wed., Jul. 15
Although we are in the middle of summer (phew, this heat!), we are all still encouraged to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is as determined as ever to meet our communities’ needs. One way we are doing this is by expanding our curbside pick-up to five new locations, for a total of 10 locations! You can now…
A child wearing glasses colors coloring with an orange crayon.

Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Mon., Jul. 13
Many of us are staying home right now, but that doesn't mean families can't have a good time. There are lots of ways to keep kids happy and entertained, even if the call of the playground can't be answered. If you need a little inspiration, try these ideas...
Other Programs You May Enjoy

July Program-alikes

Wed., Jul. 1
Although Allegheny County has moved into the green phase of reopening, you may be feeling uneasy about attending in-person services. While practicing and encouraging safety, the Library offers many ways to accommodate the community’s needs. We offer Curbside Service (with more locations starting Tuesday, July 14!), Book a Librarian 1:1 Appointment, Chat With the Library, and Virtual Storytime. Believe us when we say we miss…