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Digital Skills Basics: Using Job Portals

Mon., Sep. 21
There are many reasons you may find yourself searching a job portal. Maybe you’re ready for the challenge of something new, maybe you’re reentering the workforce after some time away or maybe you have an immediate need for more cash flow. Today, navigating the how-tos of searching for a new job can be even more challenging than usual. But not to worry, Carnegie Library of…

COVID-19: Contact Tracing

Wed., Sep. 16
Contact tracing is an important tool in understanding and preventing the spread of COVID-19. It is important to know what a legitimate contact tracer will and will not ask you to avoid scams. Contact tracers work with an infected person to gather names and phone numbers of people they have been in contact with while possibly infected. These tracers will then contact those people “to…
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Live Homework Help for Students With

Wed., Sep. 16
Having trouble with homework? Miss coming to the library to get help from a librarian or a Reading Buddy? We’ve got a great resource for you that you can access at home! CLP cardholders can access through the Library's Homework & Testing page from noon until midnight every day to get help from a real, live tutor! This resource is for kindergarten through college-level students who need help with English, math,…
A teacher wearing a face mask writes on a white board in a classroom while being filmed.

A Trio of Tools for Educators – Pandemic Edition

Tue., Sep. 15
Whether you are teaching in a virtual, in-person or hybrid environment, the Library has a wealth of resources to support you and your students. Your situation is unique, so this trio of tools is designed to be flexible and nimble for your needs. 
Library card catalog drawer labeled for Library of Congress classification

Digital Skills Basics: Using the Library Catalog

Mon., Sep. 14
Did you know that you can look up available books, movies, and music from home? All of this information is available on the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh website through the library catalog. The catalog tells you:   What items are available at the library Where those items are located  If the items are checked out and when they are due  Through the catalog, you can also have an…
Other Programs You May Enjoy

Program-Alikes for the Week of September 7, 2020

Thu., Sep. 10
Happy September! Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh hope this blog post finds you well. September has already brought on a lot of changes, from school starting to cooler weather to CLP opening for limited in-person services.  Wait, what? Yes! You read that correctly—Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is opening some of the branches for limited in-person service.  You can use the computer, print, sign up for a library card, and…
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Love Listening To Your Library With Audiobooks

Thu., Sep. 10
Perhaps you are one of the readers who discovered audiobooks during self-isolation to break up the hours in the day, or started to rely on them during daily walks or housecleaning. You’re not alone, audiobooks are getting more and more popular.
An envelope addressed to Franklin Senior sits atop a letter beginning Dear Friend. At the bottom of the pile is a colorful drawing of faces and other line doodles.

Pen Pals for Seniors

Wed., Sep. 9
We all live with the understanding that social isolation is essential to combat the spread of COVID-19, but one community in particular is feeling the full emotional impact of this isolation: Senior care residents. Across the country, older age groups are shown to be more susceptible to serious illness from COVID-19. As a result, independent and assisted living facilities have remained closed to visitors for the majority of 2020. For months now, our most vulnerable population has been without regular…
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Digital Skills Basics: Using Email

Tue., Sep. 8
Open the browser of your choice (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and, in the address bar at the top, go to your email’s website. For example, if you use Gmail go to If you use Mail go to   Look for the email login and type in your email address and password.  You should be brought to your inbox where you can see incoming…

2020 Census: Hard-to-Count Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Thu., Sep. 3
As of September 3, 2020, the following neighborhoods in Pittsburgh PA not shaded dark blue are at risk for a severe undercount in the 2020 Census (click image to view full size). See the full map at According to Nonprofit VOTE, the Census Bureau recognizes a range of sociodemographic and other groups as hard-to-count. The following persons, many served or engaged by nonprofits, are…