An exterior nighttime shot of the renovated Beechview library. A patron is putting a book in the bookdrop on the sidewalk. Lots of large windows illuminate the inside, full of bookshelves.

CLP-Beechview: 125th Anniversary Celebration – October 19, 2021

Sun., Oct. 17
The original building was officially dedicated in October, 1967. CLP-Beechview celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1992.   The 2014-2015 renovation increased interior space and added floor-to-ceiling windows for more natural light. After years of being served by a bookmobile, Beechview community members campaigned for a more permanent location by writing letters to their local representatives and the director of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Their…
Genealogy with illustrations of a tree, a family portrait, and a browser icon

Celebrate Family History Month - Explore Vital Records

Thu., Oct. 14
Vital records are a great starting point for your family history journey! Birth records for your ancestors are one of the first steps, but where they are located may vary based on the year, county, and state in which your ancestor was born. Best-case scenario, you’ll want to have your ancestor’s full name, birth day/year, and where they were born. It is even helpful to…
Adult wearing a blue sweater holds an "I voted" sticker in their hand

Election Day Is Almost Here

Tue., Oct. 12
The next election is on November 2, 2021 but the last day to register to vote is October 18, 2021. While this might not be a “big” election year, it’s important to have your voice reflected in all levels of government, including local offices. The best way to do that is simply to vote!
Graphic of a ballot being dropped into a locked ballot box

Voting at the Polls: What to Expect 

Tue., Oct. 12
Are you voting for the first time in 2021? If so, congratulations! Exercising your right to vote is a powerful part of our democracy, but you might not know what to expect. We’ve talked about mail-in ballots and the different ways of voting in 2021, but what is it like to vote in-person at the polls?
Vote by mail graphic with the words "easy, convenient, secure."

Voting 2021: Mail-In Ballots

Tue., Oct. 12
Voting by mail is an option in Pennsylvania. It's an easy, convenient and secure way to cast your ballot. Apply online by October 26. You'll receive a ballot in the mail. Mark your ballot and return it by November 2. It's that simple!

East Liberty: Serving and Welcoming the Community for 115 Years

Thu., Oct. 7
As the sixth branch of the original neighborhood locations to open, the East Liberty library has been serving the community since 1905. The branch has been housed in two locations over the years, including the original Station Street and Larimer Avenue building and, later, the South Whitfield Street location off of Penn Avenue. Andrew Carnegie himself attended the grand opening of the branch and the…

Celebrate Family History Month with Resources from CLP!

Thu., Oct. 7
Since genealogy is the second-most popular hobby in America, what better way to celebrate Family History Month than to share some of the incredible resources we have at CLP? Genealogy Databases: First off, is a great starting point to begin searching for those elusive relatives. Other Library databases include Fold3 for US military and naturalization records. Genealogy Connect provides access to 1,500 reference books…
Graphic of a ballot box with a card saying "Ready, set, vote" going into it. The bubble next to "vote" is filled in.

CLP Polling Locations – 2021 Election 

Mon., Oct. 4
November 2, 2021 is Election Day! Several Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branches serve as polling places for their communities, and all of our locations continue to offer in-person library services at 100% capacity at this time.  The following Library locations will be open for voting as well as open for library services on November 2nd: CLP-Carrick CLP-East Liberty CLP-Homewood CLP-Knoxville CLP-Lawrenceville CLP-Sheraden CLP-Squirrel Hill  CLP-Woods Run  All other…