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In the Workshop: Hustle and Heal with Darwin and Seven Dee

HUSTLE with Darwin Darwin (aka Fallon MacWilliams) wears many hats: founder of international PR agency Hustle, label head, promoter, and co-founder of Clean Scene. She has worked for over a decade helping shape careers while successfully touring as a DJ, with residencies across Berlin and Mexico City. In this workshop, Fallon gives advice on building […]

EQ: Electronic music-making for Women and Non-Binary individuals

During this workshop, Rose will demonstrate fundamental techniques and software in her creative electronic practice. The workshop will explore mixing in a DAW (digital audio workstation), using vocals and synthesizers from the CLP’s own electronic instrument collection. Participants can practice alongside in their DAWs (bring your own laptop). Participants of all skill levels are welcome […]

Musical Instrument Lending Library

Browse our online catalog or visit the Music Department at CLP – Main to find your instrument of choice. Available Instruments & Gear: Synthesizers Beatmakers Sequencers Effects Pedals Digital Theremin Recording Equipment Ukuleles Borrow and Play Once you’ve selected your instrument of choice from our online collection, start playing, learning, composing, or performing! To borrow […]