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A Special Election Year in Allegheny County

A Special Election will be held on April 5, 2022 to fill two seats in the PA General Assembly for the 19th and 24th Legislative Districts.  These seats were previously held by Ed Gainey and Jake Wheatley, and were left vacant when Ed Gainey became Mayor of Pittsburgh, and Jake Wheatley was selected as his Chief of Staff.

Why is there a special election this year?

Pennsylvania holds special elections when someone in office can no longer serve. This may happen when someone resigns, dies, or gets removed from office. Voters must select someone to replace that person. Special elections may be held:

    • During a general election
    • During a primary election
    • On a different day designated by the elections office

The county or counties running the special election must advertise the date and locations for the special election, as well as the candidates running for office. Everyone who lives in the district the candidates will represent can vote in the special election. (Source:

How do I know if my precinct is in one of the legislative districts?

    • The 19th Legislative District contains 86 precincts, all within the City of Pittsburgh. There are approximately 43,000 registered voters in the district.
    • The 24th Legislative District contains 90 precincts – 73 in the City of Pittsburgh and all 17 precincts in Wilkinsburg Borough. Nearly 50,000 people are registered to vote in the district.

Don’t know if you’re in those districts?  First, enter your information in the Pennsylvania polling place webpage. You will be asked for your county (Allegheny), city (use the city of your mailing address), street name, street number and zip code. Your polling place will be listed at the top of the page – and will be either Pittsburgh or Wilkinsburg followed by two numbers. Using those numbers, then look at the list of precincts for both districts to see if yours is listed. If yours is, you will be eligible to vote on April 5. (Source:

Where can I learn more about the special election?

Here are several local resources to help navigate the upcoming special election:

Will any of the Carnegie Library branches act as polling locations for the special election?



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