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Unattended Minors

While every effort is made to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, the Library does not provide supervision for unattended minors in the Library. Children requiring supervision may not be unattended or left in the care of others who are unable or unwilling to provide adequate care.


Because many children and teens view Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh as a safe and informative place, sometimes they visit the Library while they are truant from school. In many cases it is difficult to determine if children are truant, are home-schooled, attend private schools that are off for the day, or may be at the Library for other reasons. The Library does not report children truant, except in instances where staff are concerned about repetitive truancy and, under Mandated Reporter guidelines, staff may report to authorities.

The Library staff or security will attempt to notify the parent/caregiver if:

  • The child is frightened or anxious while alone at the Library
  • The child’s health or safety may be in danger
  • The child’s behavior disturbs other users of the Library

The Library staff or security will contact Child Protective Services for those children whose basic needs for food, rest, parental supervision or attention are not being fulfilled. The Library staff and security are recognized as Mandated Reporters under Pennsylvania State Code § 42.42.

The Library staff or security will notify the City of Pittsburgh Police if the Library is closing, at the scheduled time or in an emergency situation, and a parent or guardian of a child cannot be located in the building or by phone.

If a child is waiting to be picked up, staff will wait until 15 minutes after closing. If the parent or guardian has not arrived, staff or security will call the City of Pittsburgh Police. Two Library staff members will remain with the child until the police arrive.

Staff may not drive children home.

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