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Afrofuturism and Beyond!

I stumbled across this excellent collection of sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction a few years ago. The title and the idea of a collection that was purposefully made in terms of writers of color taking on the themes, tropes, and issues of these genres was really interesting to me. What I found equally interesting were the introductions by the editors. The discussion of why this collection exists was thought provoking and well worth thinking about. Some of the stand outs for me from this collection include the piece “The Hungry Earth” by Carmen Maria Machado, and “Skin Dragons Talk” by Earnest Hogan. There is even a local tie in for this collection, in that it features a story by Charles Saunders, who is from Elizabeth, PA.

I highly recommend checking this collection out, if you are into sci-fi or not. It’s an interesting, thought provoking collection!

Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond
edited by Bill Campbell
DB 77933
Forty science fiction and fantasy short stories featuring both authors and characters of color. In N.K. Jemisin’s “Too Many Yesterdays, Not Enough Tomorrows,” a woman develops an online relationship as the apocalypse approaches. Also includes works by Tobias Buckell and Nisi Shawl. Some violence and some strong language. 2013.

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