The words, "2021 Black History Month" appear underlined next to three triangles.

African American Writing Families

Thu., Feb. 18
Not only do these families share a talent for writing and illustrating, they also show that creating books is a great way to come together with loved ones. Collaboration is a common thread among all of these family stories. Celebrate Black History Month by reading some of their awesome books with your child. Maybe you’ll even create your own story together!
parent reads book to toddler

Choosing High-Quality Children’s Books

Wed., Jan. 13
What makes a book high quality? How do you choose the best titles to read with kids? Here are some tips to help you select great books for your preschoolers, and kids of any age!
PS4 games with Video Game genre stickers near the bottom of their spines.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone…

Mon., Jan. 4
Are you, like me, waiting not-so-patiently for the next installment of Nintendo’s "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"? I’ve been obsessed with these games since playing the very first one at my babysitter’s house one summer (never mind the year).
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Classic Nickelodeon Shows

Tue., Oct. 27
If you’re around my age, your memories of the 90s may well be filled with Nickelodeon. I look back on that era of TV with fondness. Let’s take a little stroll through some memories. And if you didn’t watch these shows at the time, maybe you’d enjoy discovering them now.
Illustration of a shadowy figure against a red background that reads "Words have power: Leave no page unturned. Banned Books week, September 27-October 3."

Banned Books Week 2020

Tue., Sep. 29
Sometimes there are good reasons for a book to be removed from the library. It may contain information that’s out-of-date. Maybe the pages are falling out. Perhaps an excited child added embellishments in crayon. Working with kids, I’ve seen that more than once! Other times, individuals or groups ask libraries to remove a book because they don’t want people to read it. For example, they…
An adult and young child read together from a laptop on a table covered with pencils and papers

Back-to-School: Let Us Help!

Thu., Aug. 27
Whether your kids will be attending school in person, at home or online, the Library is here to support you. While our locations may look different on the inside, the heart of the Library hasn’t changed. Our thinking caps are always on, looking for ways to connect with you. 
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Why We Love Talking Animals

Tue., Aug. 11
There’s a long tradition of anthropomorphic animals (animals that act like humans) in fiction. From mice to elephants and everything in between, they’re all over our books and movies. I began to wonder why so many people love these stories.
A child wearing glasses colors coloring with an orange crayon.

Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Mon., Jul. 13
Many of us are staying home right now, but that doesn't mean families can't have a good time. There are lots of ways to keep kids happy and entertained, even if the call of the playground can't be answered. If you need a little inspiration, try these ideas...

Databases Are Not Just for Data

Fri., Dec. 6
Your library card gives you and your family access to all sorts of materials like books, movies and music. But you probably already knew that. Did you know it also gives you access to useful and fun digital content through our databases?

Wave, Shake, and Wiggle With Storytime Props

Mon., Nov. 5
If you've been to a storytime program, you've probably seen us pass out scarves, shakers, or other props. They certainly add a fun element, but their value goes well beyond that. Let's take a look at some of the more popular props and their benefits.