Cover art of Promise Not To Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz

Best of BARD: April 2018

Sun., May. 20
It seems like female authors are taking over! In addition, James “the King” Patterson disappeared from our list. Here is our Best of BARD for the month of April, starting with number one: Promise Not to Tell DB90191/CL16929   By Jayne Krentz Seattle gallery owner Virginia Troy still battles memories of her childhood in a cult and the fire at the cult compound that killed her…
Cover art for Enigma by Catherine Coulter

Best of BARD: March 2018

Sat., Apr. 14
I’m not going to be hilarious today as I usually am. I think it’s the weather… Even the bus drivers are cranky, can you imagine? It’s an enigma. Although, when I hear Enigma I usually think of coding and Alan Turing… Turns out there is a guy running around, trying to kill people, whose DNA is unlike any other, and he’s an Enigma! If you…
cover art of A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

Best of BARD: February 2018

Sun., Mar. 18
Everything changed in February – no more Fire and Fury, Hollywood glitz and homicide blitz… all the cool things are gone… except Alex Cross who is now number 3 on our BARD list and The People against him. This month we had some mysterious cases: a woman making dinner for her husband who then suddenly disappears (I would disappear too if I had to make…
cover art for Fire And Fury Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff

Best of BARD: January 2018

Thu., Mar. 8
This year started with Fire and Fury! We received so many calls from our patrons who wanted to listen to this book, we had to hire 100 little gnomes who downloaded it day and night! And hey, James Patterson and Alex Cross are also here! As well as James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi! And THEN, the savvy LAPD cop encounters Hollywood glitz, a homicide blitz and…
Cover art of The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

Best of BARD: December 2017

Thu., Feb. 15
And here is finally our Best of BARD list for December 2017! At number 5, we have a book with an interesting title – Quick and Dirty! It’s the latest Stone Barrington novel by Stuart Woods, a mystery of a stolen Van Gogh painting, and no one knows if its authentic or fake. “Everyone in this series is richer than God, more beautiful and sexy than…
Cover art of Drive Time French book

Drive Time French: Beginner Level

Sun., Jan. 21
Are you interested in learning a new language?  According to the Living Language website, their method has been a proven and effective language learning instruction for over 65 years. Using techniques originally developed for the US State Department, the Living Language Method follows a four-point approach from building a foundation of essential words and phrases, advancing to full sentences and conversations, practicing with recall exercises…
cover art of Barron's US Citizenship Test

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Mon., Dec. 25
If you are on your way to becoming an American citizen, Library for the Blind and Physically handicapped offers Barron’s U.S. Citizenship Test (DB78027). This audio book presents the procedures and regulations for applying for American citizenship; summaries of U.S. history, geography, and government; and exercises for reading and writing English. It contains the 2013 application requirements and sample forms, questions, and answers. It also…
cover art of Les pourquoi de l'histoire by Stephane Bern

History Puzzles

Tue., Nov. 21
NLS acquires audio and braille titles in many foreign languages from various domestic and foreign producers, as well as from cooperating agencies serving people who cannot read standard print around the world. Using the Voyager Search interface, the NLS collections may be searched to find talking books in other languages, including French, German, and Russian. Though some languages are represented with only a few titles,…

The Power of Now

Tue., Oct. 24
If you spent your whole life reading books on spirituality, meditation, trying to “figure it out”, I heartily recommend The Power of Now (DB 55646) by Eckhart Tolle. The author, as he stated himself, does not reveal anything we do not already know; he rather gives us the key to open the door. By reading the book, you feel a tremendous amount of relief and…

Candide, or Optimism

Wed., Sep. 27
Do you think that we live in the best of all possible worlds? I don’t. And neither did Voltaire. Although written in the 18th century, his novel Candide, or Optimism (DB31736) is still relevant as if it was written today. It is a satire on the current state of the world and the problem of free will. The tale of Candide begins in the castle of…