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Miss Our Programs? Here are Some Program-alikes to Hold You Over

Tue., May. 5
Good librarians, like any professionals, have a set of little-noticed soft skills that we use to help people in our communities everyday. At the top of that list is something known as the "read-alike." A read-alike is a recommendation of a book that is available right now, and that will hold you over until that brand new bestseller that you came in looking for is…
Grandparent shares their smartphone screen with their grandchild.

Tips for Helping Someone Learn to Use Technology

Tue., Mar. 31
"Isn't everybody on the Internet?" Nobody thinks that anymore, right? The numbers support what I imagine many of us are finding in our daily conversations with family, friends, and neighbors -- when it comes to technology, access and know-how are not universal, and technology is unevenly distributed across society. A crisis as extreme as the COVID-19 Pandemic will inevitably expose some of the technology inequities…
Laptop with pen and spiral notebook on desk.

Digital Literacy

Tue., Mar. 24
The internet is the place where many of us get up-to-the-minute news and information, access resources that we need to live well, and to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. If you or someone you care for does not know how to use technology, does not have a device or a broadband connection at home, or cannot make it into one our Library locations for…
illustration of a magnifying glass examining a paper with a coronavirus shape in the corner.

COVID-19 Resources: How to Find Good Information

Wed., Mar. 18
  According to research published by the Pew Research Center in 2017, a big majority of American adults – nearly 80% -- trust libraries to help them find reliable information. In a time when trust in other public institutions has declined, why do people continue to trust librarians? As a librarian, I like to believe that people trust us for one simple reason – we…

5 Questions With... J.J. Hensley

Mon., Aug. 21
Pittsburgh’s own J.J. Hensley brought some suspense to our Summer Reading book list with Resolve, his award-winning thriller that centers on the Pittsburgh Marathon. J.J’s upcoming novel Bolt Action Remedy, which will come out in October, takes the action to a small town in Central PA. J.J. will be appearing at CLP - Mount Washington at 6:30 on Thursday, August 24th

5 Questions With... Kathleen Tessaro!

Wed., Jun. 7
Bestselling author Kathleen Tessaro’s Rare Objects, which has just been released in paperback, is a featured titled on our Summer Reading list, and is among the titles that teams competing in the Battle of the Books will be reading. Kathleen, a native Pittsburgher, will also be visiting some CLP book groups this summer to discuss Rare Objects. The book groups are open to anyone, and Kathleen will be visiting Beechview at 11:30 on July 8th; Woods Run on July 11th at 11:30; and Squirrel Hill on July 19th at 6:30. We virtually sat down with her and asked her five questions to help us get to know her better.

The Girl Who Grew Up in the Library

Wed., Nov. 9
Feeding the Dragon is a one-woman show written and performed by Sharon Washington about her experiences growing up in the New York Public Library's apartments. On November 19th, following a 1pm performance of the play, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh President and Director Mary Frances Cooper will participate in a talkback discussion with Sharon.

Throwback Thursday: Street Lit on the Tough Streets of Pittsburgh

Thu., Sep. 8
Street lit features fast-paced stories; naturalistic depiction of poverty, drug abuse and substandard housing; interpersonal relationships that involve abuse, betrayal and other complications; and themes of surviving the streets and overcoming difficult circumstances. But the stories themselves are just like Shakespeare--only with more cussing.

Documentary Premiere: RIP Letterpress, A 3D Video by Ken Love

Mon., Jul. 25
Remember watching the old Pittsburgh Post-Gazette presses through the windows on the Boulevard of the Allies? In this technologically innovative documentary 3D film by celebrated photographer and documentary filmmaker Ken Love, with 3D content remastering by Rembrandt3D, see behind the glass of a story that follows the paper on its serpentine journey through the presses, history and technological change.