Array of multi racial raised hands with a heart in each palm.

Ways to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fri., Apr. 24
During times such as these, it can seem overwhelming to look around and see all that needs to be done or all the people who need help. At the same time, it is also during times such as these, where we can see the heart of people. We have seen offers from many to help and offer support in any way they can. So, we wanted to create a place full of resources if…
Text reading "We Love Our Volunteers" above multiple graphics of helping hands.

National Volunteer Week – Thank you!

Sat., Apr. 18
Even though our buildings are closed, we still want to celebrate all the amazing things our volunteers do and send our sincere thanks. Here are some ways that we are celebrating this week:   We’ll be celebrating milestones Tell us why you volunteer for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – we'd love to hear your story!  We will post this question on Instagram, so feel free to respond…
Two CLP Teenspace Literary Brackets, one lime green and the other magenta.

The End of March Doesn’t Mean the End of Brackets

Tue., Mar. 31
I have always enjoyed all the brackets the pop-up throughout March and all the different winners that people choose. Well, I realized recently that just because March ends, doesn’t mean that all the fun and competition that comes along with brackets has to end. So, we decided to have some fun on the TeenSpace Instagram page and create our own competition. We will post the blank bracket with the titles that are competing…
Elevator floor panel with illuminated number eleven with text "Hashtag Throwback Thursday."

Throwback Thursday: Travel Here, Travel There, Travel Everywhere... With Books!

Thu., Jun. 15
The one thing that I have learned through my travel experiences is that you can have fun anywhere you go; it’s all in how you plan it. Make sure that you are prepared for that plan to fall apart entirely, and then you will be able to explore. Some books that I have found helpful, either because they are awesome reads and take place where I was traveling, or because they provide loads of information.

Three Fairy Tales to Read After You Watch Beauty and the Beast

Mon., Apr. 10
Did you see the Beauty and the Beast live action film yet? I recently did, and it made me think of all the fairy tale retellings that are published and made. Fairy tales were first told to teach children lessons; it wasn't until Disney's series of animated films like Snow White and Cinderella that they became more like the stories we see and hear today. That hasn't stopped people from retelling them in a variety of ways. Here are three recent retellings that you may find interesting if you love Beauty and the Beast.

Inspirational Girls

Wed., Mar. 1
Marley Dias started 1000 Black Girl Books and has been an inspiration to me (also, her website is an amazing book resource!). She exemplifies how much we—not only as individuals, but as groups—can do to help and support others, starting from a young age. I feel as though so often many of us feel that we have to wait until we grow up to do something extraordinary. I thought that it was important to talk about someone who inspired me and didn't wait until she grew up to do it.

My Favorites From the Youth Media Awards

Thu., Jan. 26
Earlier this week ALA (American Library Association) announced the 2017 youth media award winners, which includes over 20 awards for books, video and audio books. Here are my favorites from the award-winners.

Setting New Goals

Fri., Dec. 23
Traditionally at the end of the year/beginning of the new year I set new goals. Which means I take a look at what I've actually done throughout the previous year and decide on a (hopefully) new set of goals. Therein lies the problem for me: I'm hoping that I'm setting a new set of goals. Did I even accomplish my previous goals? This year, the answer is "Not really." But does it matter?

Three Audio Books with Great Narrators

Fri., Nov. 18
There have been numerous discussions about whether listening to books is the same as reading books. Although the process may be different, it seems to me that either way you are learning and gathering information. The following are audio book titles that I would recommend, because the narrators are amazing and really give life to the characters.

Three Creepy Ghost Stories for Halloween

Mon., Oct. 24
This is the week leading up to Halloween. So of course I felt obligated to make a post about books that would be great to read over the holiday. And by obligated, I mean I'm super excited about this list because I've been super into horror lately. So here are some books that you should pick up to get in the right holiday spirit.