Comics at LBPH

Sat., May. 19
Comic books and graphic novels are often not the first thing many people think of when they think of the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  However, there are some graphic novels that have been recorded in audio book form, and there are also novelizations of comic books. In addition, comic books and graphic novels aren’t just for younger readers! Folks of all ages…

Afrofuturism and Beyond!

Fri., Apr. 20
I stumbled across this excellent collection of sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction a few years ago. The title and the idea of a collection that was purposefully made in terms of writers of color taking on the themes, tropes, and issues of these genres was really interesting to me. What I found equally interesting were the introductions by the editors. The discussion of why this…
Staff favorites logo

Some Staff Favorites!

Sat., Mar. 24
In the early days of blogging here at LBPH, we occasionally posted about the reading tastes of the staff. Think of it as an informal staff feature. Well, since those days a lot of new people have started working at your library! So, in the spirit of having a glimpse into the reading habits and proclivities of some of your library staff, here is a…

Cooking with the Red Sparrow

Wed., Feb. 21
Sometimes people get a book from us and are surprised that a mystery novel will have recipes in it. In the Cozy Mystery genre, it’s popular in some books to include thematically appropriate recipes at the end of the chapters, or at the end of the book itself. Some library patrons like this, and others hate it. That said,  love it or hate it, the…

NLS Firsts!

Sun., Jan. 14
I was doing a bit of research on the early days of the National Library Service (NLS) and I came across a list of the first talking books that were produced back in 1934 for the program. The first batch of books that NLS made included some classic American documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address and Washington’s farewell address. In…

Dark Cute (Yes, this IS about Beanie Babies)

Thu., Dec. 14
I stumbled on Zac Bissonnette’s book The Great Beanie Baby Bubble shortly after it was published and I was blown away by it for a few reasons. From the first few Beanie fanatics who actually made a great deal of money from selling “rare” beanies (like Humphrey the Camel, Patty the Platypus, and Old Face Teddy), to the development of publications devoted to the hobby and practice, to an interview with the now incarcerated so-called Beanie Baby Murderer, Bissonnette does an amazing job.

Romance By the Numbers!

Wed., Dec. 13
As the weather turns a bit colder may we suggest heating up your reading with some romance? If you are new to the genre don't worry! We have you covered. Why not start with some of the 1s, 2s, and 3s by some heavy hitters in Romance? To that end, we bring you some the numbers! This short list includes a contemporary British romance…

Tolkien's Silmarillion

Fri., Nov. 17
The universe that JRR Tolkien created in his books is richly textured and expansive. Middle Earth is an amazing creation from one of the most beloved writers of the 20th century. What's extra amazing about Tolkien's universe building is that it is by no means limited to the Lord of the Rings books. Indeed, for the deeper history of Middle Earth, one must go to…