Cine Latino

Recently, media outlet Univision came out with a list of the 50 Best Movies from Latin America. I have some issues with this list, like including the movie The Headless Woman, which I thought was terrible; and they didn’t mention Even the Rain, which is my favorite movie of all time. So here’s my own list of noteworthy Latin American movies that I’ve watched over the past few months.

Paulo Coelho’s Best Stories

Prior to this year, I had never read a Paulo Coelho book, which is surprising being Paulo Coelho is one of the most famed Latin American writers of our times and I love all things Latin American.

Armchair Philosophy

I love reading accessible philosophy, the stuff that takes philosophy out of the ivory tower. Here are some things I’ve read and watched lately that have been of particular interest.

Yann Martel Love

There’s more to Yann Martel’s work than his bestselling hit Life of Pi. His latest, The High Mountains of Portugal, handles death, religion, redemption, morality, existential unease, love, sorrow and more, making it the best kind of page-turner.

Interview with an Iraqi Refugee

An interview with an Iraqi refugee offers perspective on how the wars in Iraq affected civilians, and explains some of the library services we offer to refugees.

Greek Food Festival Season

I love spring and summer, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happens to be the time of year when my favorite events start popping up: Greek Food Festivals. I think we should just call this time of year Greek Food Festival season.