May 17th is the PA Primary Election!

It’s election season once again! Primary elections allow community members to choose local and statewide candidates for office and to vote for local legislation.

Voting By Mail-In Ballot: What to Expect

Voting by mail is now an option in Pennsylvania. It’s an easy, convenient and secure way to cast your ballot. Apply online, and you’ll receive a ballot in the mail. Mark your ballot and return it by the specified deadline. It’s that simple! 

Inauguration Day 2021

Inauguration Day takes place on January 20, 2021, and will be unlike any in U.S. history. Normally regarded as the end of one presidential era and the beginning of the next through a peaceful transfer of power, complete with parades, balls and large celebrations, this year’s inauguration will look and feel completely different.

Navigating Information Fatigue

During this two-part series, our presenter will share the ways in which social media has contributed to information fatigue, and what we can do to take back control over our … Continued

Census Information for Kids

It’s important to talk to the kids in your life about why we need a complete count for the 2020 Census. For many children, this is the first Census they … Continued